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For Him, Caring Is Just As Important As Consulting

Bob Kissane is not only president of CSS, a leader in strategic consulting for nonprofits around the world, but also a major supporter of Human Rights Watch and a member of the board. He’s an acknowledged fundraising expert who could choose to support any of the hundreds of organizations he works with, and he chooses Human Rights Watch.

Bob gives his generous support every year for Human Rights Watch. And recently, he made the decision to do even more. That’s when he created his legacy gift by naming Human Rights Watch as the beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy. “It’s the type of planned giving approach that almost anyone can make,” Bob said. “By making a relatively modest investment in terms of current dollars, it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I will be providing long-term financial support for critical Human Rights Watch programs well into the future.”

This generous legacy gift is in addition to Bob’s regular support for Human Rights Watch. His reason? The pressing need to safeguard the humanity of all people around the world. “Human Rights Watch provides a vital role as one of the leading independent organizations defending and protecting human rights,” he said. “In his century, I see more, not less, need for what Human Rights Watch does – giving voice to the oppressed and holding the oppressors accountable for their crimes. It pleases me greatly to know that this gift will help Human Rights Watch stay on the front lines in the fight for human rights.”

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